Is a Pop Up Wedding Right for You?

What is a Pop Up Wedding?

Pop Up weddings are an up and coming trend worldwide and slowly making their way to America. They are a fantastic way to save lots of money and stress on your big day and provide a sense of intimacy and simplicity that is so refreshing in this age of overwhelming information.

They generally consist of no more than 50 people and focus on the actual wedding ceremony and the meaning of love rather than on the glitz and glam of a full reception. Pop Up weddings usually last a couple of hours and include the ceremony and short beverage and cake reception. They skip the expensive and time consuming plated or buffet dinner reception with tables, linens, seating, centerpieces, place settings, and dj. 

Pop Up weddings often take place at small venues, parks, backyards, or in a loved ones home and despite what some people might think, they are often planned months in advance but can be booked a few weeks prior if desired. 

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How to Decide if you should have a Pop Up Wedding

If you are considering having a pop up wedding you may want to ask yourself these questions to make your decision:

1. Do you have the money to pay for a full traditional wedding? In Oregon the average cost of a wedding is around $26,000. Based on my 8 years of experience in the wedding industry this figure is actually pretty accurate. This $26k will get you a nice venue, good caterer, quality photographer, a medium amount of florals, inexpensive dj, and affordable cake for about 135 guests. Our pop up wedding packages are inclusive and affordable starting at $600 and go to $2500 for an almost all inclusive wedding.

2. Is spending a lot of money on your wedding important to you? Some brides want to spend a good deal of money on their wedding and some would rather save it for their new homes or honeymoons. There is no right or wrong answer here. It's just about priorities.

3. Are you organized, good at negotiating, and cool under pressure? If the answer is yes then you might do a good job at planning your wedding. Wedding planning is no joke. There are multiple lists upon lists that need to be made and decisions that need to be executed on a precise timeline in order for your event to go smoothly. A traditional wedding isn't a small get together, it's a large scale event that has many working parts. A pop up wedding is so much more manageable because of the size and smaller details and some companies, like Pop of Joy, handle almost all of the planning for you so you don't have to worry.

4. Are you super set on what you want? Do you want your wedding flowers to have exactly the floral species of your choosing or are you more open to flowers based on seasonal availability & cost? Do you want a glamorous ceremony with intricate details or is a simple yet lovely ceremony more your style? If you answered yes to the latter parts of these questions then a pop up wedding may be the perfect kind of wedding for you!


Overall, pop up weddings are a great alternative to a traditional grand wedding. They are much less expensive, less stressful, and really focus on the most important thing on your wedding day: the love between you and your spouse :)

Getting married in Oregon? Check out our pop up wedding packages and contact us to book your pop up wedding today!

-Pop of Joy-